Morocco Music Group offers a full selection of audio production services that are available à la carte or as part of an integrated audio solution. We know the difference that world class music and sound makes when it comes to your media project - our artists and network of talented freelancers are dedicated to bringing that vision to life.   


Post Production

Our production suite is fully stocked with the latest Pro Tools systems, top end microphones and gear, and a massive collection of plugins and and sound effects. From podcasts to feature length films, we provide the audio polish that makes seeing believing. 

Sound Design


Dialogue Editing

Music Editing



Music Services

Morocco Music Group connects creatives with composers, building artistic relationships that result in beautiful, impactful storytelling. We also open up our shop to emerging artists, established producers, and everyone in between. Our studio is stocked with the best in analog and digital gear, great mics, and the creative insight to bring artistic vision to life. 

Original Score

Arrangement & Instrumentation

Songwriting & Artist Development

Mix and Master